Children at Balnarring are provided with the opportunity to enhance their ICT skills when visiting the computer lab each week. Within ICT, they are taught the skills of using technology for example file management, internet navigation, computer knowledge, graphics and Microsoft Office. In Digital Technologies (understanding technology), they explore coding and representing data.

Cyber safety is an important component of all computer sessions; students are reminded of safe, online behaviours when using the internet.

All students sign a computer agreement that denotes the expected behaviour whenever online.

In the classroom, students have access to iPads, laptops and desktop computers. They use a variety of programs including Mathletics and Reading Eggs during literacy and number sessions.


Our ICT and Digital Technologies Vision…

At Balnarring Primary School, in partnership with parents, we aim to develop competent, curious learners in a stimulating and rich learning environment supported by the most current technology.  Students will be safe, confident, and respectful digital citizens.


ICT and Internet Usage Code of Practice

Whenever you are working with technology…..

  • Take care of the equipment
  • Only work on a device or the internet for the purpose explained by your teacher
  • Keep all personal information safe
  • Ensure ALL your posts are respectful of others
  • Talk to an adult immediately if something worries you