(Information and Communication Technology)

ICT is utilised in many ways throughout the school, in all areas of the learning program. Every classroom and specialist space has an interactive whiteboard. All classrooms have a pod of computers and access to shared iPads and shared portable laptops. There is a computer lab with 30 desktops that each class uses on a weekly basis.

ICT is incorporated as part of the Literacy and Numeracy curriculum through use of programs such as Reading Eggs, Mathseeds and Mathletics.

In the junior school, IPads are used in the reading program through apps that allow children to listen to reading online (one of the Daily 5 within the CAFE reading program). IPads are also used to introduce coding at a young level through apps such as ‘Box Island’.

In the middle school, online programs are accessed to learn about, and practise skills in coding. As the students progress through the school, they are introduced to concepts such as designing a digital maths quiz where they are required to apply programming skills such as hyperlinking.

In the middle school, through the use of desktops in the computer lab and also portable laptops, students utilise Microsoft programs such as Word to publish work, PowerPoint to create slideshows and Excel to input, graph and interpret data.  They use the internet to find information for literacy, numeracy and humanities investigations.

At the senior school level, students build on these skills and develop further expertise in using ICT, to carry out research for projects and present project work, for viewing and responding, programming and coding and to support the maths program (graphing, collecting data).