Foundation Enrolment

Starting school is a major milestone for you and your child! We understand that it can be a very emotional time and needs gentle consideration and careful preparation.

At Balnarring Primary School, we want to help make this move as smooth and positive as possible. We understand that the kind of experiences children have as they become familiar with their new surroundings, routines and procedures can affect their adjustment to school. Positive experiences with good collaborative partnerships between families, early years’ educators and school staff help to get the children off to an excellent start!

Our Step into Foundation transition program aims to prepare children for their new learning environment and to build positive relationships with families.

Some of the ways we support our Foundation students in their Step into Foundation transition to school, include:

  • Information night for parents.
  • School tours.
  • Pre-School visits to school- the library, computer lab, classroom, runners’ track, wetlands.
  • Visits by teachers to Pre-Schools.
  • The exchange of information between past/present/future teachers.
  • Online interviews.
  • Orientation Day.
  • Invitations to whole school events- Christmas Carols, Twilight Fair, Walk in the Wetlands nights.
  • Letters from teachers to students.

Settling in to school!

When the children finally come to school, it is a big moment for everyone but they will have already met their Foundation teacher and be familiar with the school. Their teacher will be very aware of supporting the children and their families at this time, as will all of the staff.

To help with settling in, there will be:

  • Half day attendance for the first week
  • Different play and lunch times for the first three weeks
  • No school on a Wednesday until March