Principal’s Message


Balnarring Primary School is proud of the reputation it has earned in the local and educational community for providing a safe and supportive learning environment for its students. Our vision is to develop students who are lifelong learners, equipped with a strong voice and the attitudes, knowledge and skills they need now and to successfully meet the challenges they will face in the future.

Our hard working and enthusiastic staff are committed to providing an optimum educational program and learning experiences which will support the development of the whole child academically, emotionally, physically, and socially. Our core purpose is to provide an inclusive, rigorous learning environment that challenges and engages young people to grow. We aim to develop competent, curious learners who strive to do their best and respect and care for themselves, others and the environment. There is a strong emphasis on student well-being and active engagement, respect for the individual and for others, and the development of positive relationships.

The core curriculum focuses on the achievement of high standards in literacy and numeracy skills, throughout all classroom activities and in all areas of the learning program. This includes our diverse specialist program, consisting of science, music, art, physical education, performing arts and Japanese. The learning program is further enriched by a variety of extra-curricular activities which are offered during lunchtimes and after school. Students can be involved in the instrumental music program, join our choir, play in a band, be part of the Junior School Council, the Yard Leaders’ program or be a dedicated member of the Balnarring Environmental Action Team. Students can follow their interests and join one of the Lunchtime Clubs including cooking, Japanese, singing, drawing, Lego club, speed stackers and iPad club.

At Balnarring, we want to build three active cultures that intertwine to create an environment that encourages success in student learning and academic results as well as high standard student interactions and behavior.

The first culture is one of high expectations of the students. High expectations by teachers of their students translates into high expectations of the school by parents. The Balnarring community has high expectations of our school that reflect their high aspirations for their children. This is a key ingredient in our success as a school. Building on our aspirational community engenders a culture of high expectations and high achievement.

The second culture is one of high expectations by teachers of each other. We believe that, to all members of our staff, it should mean something significant to work at Balnarring PS. We strive to engender a community that respects and admires the commitment of the members of staff and this, in turn, builds an environment where all members of staff feel appreciated and thus more willing to add discretionary effort. In a culture such as this, there is an expectation amongst staff that all will contribute in a significant way to the accomplishments of the school and that all will share in the pride of the resulting success.

The third critical culture is one in which students have high expectations of each other. This essential element is crucial in maintaining an orderly learning environment and encouraging high levels of achievement. There is a high standard of behaviour that is not only expected of the students but that students have a right to expect of each other. There are standards of interaction that are respectful and courteous. There are standards of commitment to their schooling and motivation to learn that are constantly in evidence.

Balnarring is a school that provides support, encouragement, and growth opportunities for staff and which is characterized by high student motivation to learn and high teacher motivation to teach and to continue to learn. This is a school in which the whole community can participate and of which the whole community can be proud.

There are many opportunities for parents to contribute to activities and programs and the staff warmly welcome such participation. Parental involvement is vital in other areas of school’s life as well i.e. School Council, Working Bees, classroom support programs, Wetlands Committee, camps and excursions.

Balnarring Primary School has a very active school community, keen to work with and support the school’s endeavours, and do whatever they can to help their children have a positive school experience, which is everybody’s goal!

Nicky Walker