Reporting to Parents

There are a number of opportunities throughout the year for parents to follow their children’s progress.

February… ‘Getting to Know You’ interviews. These enable parents and teachers to meet one another, to instigate the important parent/ teacher partnership, exchange relevant information and talk about goals for the children.


End of Term 1 … ‘Snapshots’ are sent home. These indicate how well the children have settled into their class and the effort they are putting into their leaning and home tasks.


During Term 2… ‘Student-Led Conferences’ are scheduled in which students take responsibility for presenting their learning portfolios to their parents. These portfolios contain samples of their work and show their progress toward achieving their individual learning goals.


Mid-YearWritten Reports are sent home mid-year and are followed up with a ‘Parent Teacher Interview’.


In Term 4, a second ‘Student-Led Conference’ is made available for all parents and Written Reports are forwarded home during the last week of the school year.


In addition to these more formal occasions, parents are encouraged to make an appointment with their child’s classroom teacher whenever they would like to discuss their child’s progress.