Visual Arts

At Balnarring Primary School, we recognise the important role of the Visual Arts in the development of the whole child, as an opportunity for self-expression. We encourage and guide students to explore their creativity, nurture their imagination, develop innovative new ideas and acquire a variety of skills. A process which is relevant to all areas of the curriculum!

It involves the students problem-solving, trying ideas on for size, being willing to have a go, choosing a preferred option, working with their hands, putting in a good effort, feeling the satisfaction of completing a job, presenting or displaying their creation to others and enjoying the appreciation. All valuable life skills!

The Art room is a creative hub in the school. Every day, it is a hive of activity with busy students creating things. There are lots of ‘works in progress’ and also projects which are ready to share and display. There is a wide variety of equipment, tools and materials available to the students. The storeroom abounds with many wonderful treasures to stimulate the imagination as being just the thing for the job!

There are many opportunities for student involvement in community projects eg the Red Hill Show and displaying works at the Red Hill Bakery in Balnarring. Students are also provided with information about local art clubs and private lessons.


The Visual Arts Program

Visual Art – Grades Foundation to 2

Our junior students have a wonderful time creating and exploring in the art room. They are given lots of opportunities to develop their artistic skills and share their work with friends. At every ability level, students are congratulated for their efforts and are encouraged to develop their skills as individuals. Students’ works are regularly exhibited throughout the school.

The information below is a brief framework of the different focus areas used in art and what the students can explore.

Art education includes the following: collage, mark-making, textiles and threads, drawing, construction and painting.

Within each of these areas of art, students will explore line, colour, pattern, tone, shape and texture.

Visual Art – Grades 3 and 4

Students in Grades 3 and 4 build upon their previously-acquired skills. They are given the opportunity to revisit many areas such as collage, mark- making, textiles and threads, drawing, construction and painting.

Students are encouraged to work more independently once skills have been explicitly taught. They are also encouraged to develop and include their individual ‘style’, which enables them to move away from duplicating others’ works.

In Grades 3 and 4, students are shown how to develop skills in art appreciation. They are asked to make comments on their own and others’ works.

Visual Art – Grades 5 and 6

By the time students are in Grades 5 and 6, they will have explored many different mediums within visual arts. Having learnt and investigated using clays, different paints, papers and other materials, students are ready to make decisions on how they want to personalise their projects. They are able to follow criteria to get the best out of every project.

Students will get the opportunity to study famous artists and can critically evaluate others’ works.


Throughout the Balnarring Primary School grounds, there is an abundance of wonderful visual art creations that can be appreciated by all!