Classroom Helpers

There are a number of ways for parents and friends to be involved in the life of the school. Classroom teachers and the specialist staff greatly appreciate the support given by our many volunteers.

One avenue of such support is via the ‘Classroom Helpers’ program.

At the beginning of each of the first three school terms, an information session is held for parents interested in working in the classrooms and contributing to the educational program. The session covers the areas where helpers are needed and how their participation can be the most effective for everyone. It also points out the need for a current Working with Children Check (WWCC) and the signing of the Balnarring Primary School Confidentiality Agreement.

Helpers may be asked to support individual students with their reading or writing efforts, to practise their recognition of high frequency words or maybe to work in the maths field, helping individual or small groups of students practise their number recognition, number facts to 20 or those times tables! The classroom teachers may ask their helpers to work with children on a number of specific or general tasks.

They may also be asked to assist with those activities planned for the Discovery Week unit. These humanities, civics and citizenship or geography topics often involve ‘hands on’ activities such as cooking, building and art tasks. An additional, supportive adult to assist the students to engage in these activities is a wonderful asset in all rooms.

The specialist teachers also enjoy the support of volunteers in sporting events, musical activities and scientific explorations.

An extra pair of hands is always very much appreciated at every level and in every area of the school’s program!