Balnarring Primary School considers that it is very important for its students to be learning another language.

Advancements in technology, the rise in international workforce opportunities and more affordable overseas travel experiences mean we are now global citizens! And as such, we need to connect with people from various backgrounds and to have an understanding of different cultures. This is important now and will become more so for our students in the future!

Using Google Translate is helpful, but there is nothing better than communicating with people by having a working knowledge of their language and culture. It is an excellent skill and interest for our students to have in their personal ‘tool bag of expertise’ as they gain more proficiency. It is great for their self-esteem to be able to practise speaking in another language!

At Balnarring Primary School, students learn the Japanese Language and they learn about the Japanese Culture.

Studying the Japanese Language (reading, writing, listening, speaking and language awareness) and learning about Japanese Culture go hand in hand. The Japanese Culture is a very rich one and students explore this through a range of topics including Greetings, Family, Travel, Food, Festivals, Calligraphy and Shopping. Children discover what things are different in Japan from their own culture and also things that are the same! They learn why certain things are done the way they are, where rituals came from and how Japanese families live. Throughout this study of the culture, is the learning of the Japanese writing system; the phonetic hiragana alphabet and kanji numbers and symbols.



Japanese Club

Grades 1-6 children can participate in the Japanese Club, which meets on a weekly basis. They regularly perform dances and songs in our School Assemblies and take part in cultural activities such as origami, games, dressing in a kimono, practising using chopsticks and making sushi rolls.

Hosting Exchange Students

An exciting opportunity is available for Balnarring Primary School families to host Japanese exchange students in December for TWO nights. If you are interested in this excellent cultural experience, please see Michelle Sensei or contact Theresa Stelling directly on 0419502081.