Lunchtime Clubs

The children at Balnarring Primary School have plenty of choice when it comes to lunchtime activities.

The expansive grounds provide space for those interested in physical pursuits. The oval hosts cricket, football and soccer matches; the hard courts are available for netball, basketball or 4 square and the courts marked on the turf provide for many bat tennis competitions!

Some children choose to spend time on the playground equipment or play imaginative games in the sandpits and grassed areas.
The central courtyard invites quieter activities including the sharing of picture story books or discussing the latest card collections.

Lunchtime is also a chance to just sit and chat with friends after a busy morning!

Or it might be time for …

Lunchtime Clubs!

Lunchtime Clubs are a great opportunity for everyone to have some fun and interact with others, from all year levels, who have similar interests and passions! And that’s not just the students!  The Staff provide a variety of indoor club activities, with their own interests and talents coming to the fore! The Junior Council also make recommendations about the Clubs they would like to see run for the students.

The activities provide plenty of scope for acquiring new skills, often from like-minded fellow club members. Very importantly, they provide the opportunity for friendships to be made outside the usual circle!

The School Captains remind all students of the Clubs available and the days they are on offer. Signs in the library window also serve as reminders. Children do not need to sign up but simply come along on any one day!

The Club Activities include:

  • The Lego Club.
  • B.E.A.T (Balnarring Environment Action Team)
  • Japanese Club.
  • Speed Stackers Club.
  • Gardening Club.
  • Choir.
  • Go Noodle.
  • Chess Club.
  • Library Club.
  • Fitness Club.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga.
  • Board games.
  • Mindful Colouring.
  • Just Dance.

 “I love going to Lego Club. I have built lots of things with my friends, even a spaceship! I go nearly every day!”

“Speed Stackers is so much fun. I am getting really fast at it now.”

“I didn’t know the rules of Chess but my friend is teaching me. It’s a great game.”