Ready Set Go Respectfully

Ready, Set, Go Respectfully (RSGR) is scheduled on the whole school timetable for the first 10 minutes of each school morning.

When the music plays to start the school day, children hurry to their classrooms to meet their teacher and classmates and prepare for the ‘R.S.G.R’ activity planned for that day. During this session, teachers and children participate together in active, challenging, co-operative tasks that are a lot of fun for everyone!

Some days, the children remain indoors to play a game or solve a task together. On other mornings, the ‘Ready, Set, Go, Respectfully!’ activity requires a bigger learning space, such as a hard court or our runners’ track.

The aim of this activity is to provide time early each day for children to connect with their teacher and peers and prepare positively for the day ahead. Children are encouraged to be respectful and caring of others in situations that promote a win /loss outcome and/or a cooperative focus.

It is evident from the squeals of delight heard in the grounds and the cheers of encouragement coming from the classrooms that this program engages all our students, whether they are in Foundation or Year 6.

Whatever the task – ball games, relays, percussion playing, crafts, relaxation exercises, strategy games – the catchcry can be heard…

‘Ready, Set, Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Respectfully!’